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Pomak villages are the villages with Pomak population, mainly in the mountainous parts of Rodopi. In Greece, you can find Pomak villages in the counties of Xanthi, Rodopi and Evros. Due to the mountainous landscape of the region and the problems of the minority education, the Pomak villages are isolated in a significant degree, and have preserved their picturesque character, the traditional architecture of the houses and the special Pomak civilization.

In Xanthi, the municipality of Myki and the comunities of Kotyli, Thermes and Satres consist solely of Pomak villages. Pomak villages are also to be found in the northeastern area of the municipality of Xanthi and in the northern area of Selero community. The most representative villages are Echinos, Sminthi, Kentauros, Glafki, Oraio, Kotyli, Satres and Thermes, where there are the still unused baths of Thermes.

In Greece, there are about 160 Pomak villages. Pomak villages are also to be found in Bulgaria, in the provinces of Karjali and Smolyan.

The most important economic activity of the inhabitants of the Pomak villages are agriculture and first-degree tobacco procession, most specifically, of the aromatic variety of “basma”, which made the greater area of eastern Macedonia and Thrace famous in the 19th century, under the label “Macedonia tobacco”.


Distance from the Hotel

30 minutes by vehicle

What you are going to see

Picturesque villages built according to the traditional architecture of houses and the special civilization of the Pomaks.

Where you can go next

You can enjoy local traditional dishes in one of the picturesque taverns of Kotani or Sminthi

Do not forget

To visit the neighbouring Zatograd of Bulgaria and to its old city which resembles to a greek Pomak village.

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